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A novel system for automated quantitative gait analysis in rodents.Objectively and rapidly measure a range of gait and inidividual paw parameters.

How it Works

- An animal traverses the walkway in a darkened room.

- Light is internally reflected within the walkway. When the animals paws touch the glass the light escapes as their paw print and is captured by a high speed camera mounted  beneath the walkway.

- A video feed of the pattern of actual footprints is automatically analysed by the CatWalk software.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Automatic gait analysis measuring a range of parameters including pressure, stride length, swing and stance duration.Collect and analyse the data you need quickly and easily
Clearly differentiate between a paw in contact with the surface and one in the air.Robust data collection for a range of research applications e.g. pain assessment.
A diagnostic tool for a host of diseases and disabilities including arthritis and stroke.Replaces more subjective testing with accurate, objective data.
Low light, voluntary systemLow stress environment has welfare benefits for the animal

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