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DanioVision is a complete solution, comprised of the DanioVision Observation Chamber and EthoVision XT with the Trial & Hardware Control Module and the Multiple Arenas Module pre-installed on a class-A computer.

How it Works

The DanioVision Observation Chamber has a compact and user-friendly design. It is small yet has everything you need; an infrared (IR) backlit holder for a multi-well plate, a high quality IR-sensitive camera (analog or FireWire), and a white light source which can be TTL-controlled to automatically operate based on time.The system also includes a 96 (square) well plate and is compatible with standard ANSI and SBS compliant IR-translucent multi-well plates. In all, this system offers the ideal controllable environment for the tracking of activity, movement, and behavior of zebrafish larvae.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
High-throughput, plug and playSave significant time in set-up and data collection
A choice of versions depending on the speed of your animalsNo data loss even if animals move fast
Temperature control coming soonOptimise your tracking conditions


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used DanioVision:

Behavioural Pharmacologists
Rapid drug screening

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