Observation Suites



We design, install, support and provide training for a range of behavioural observation laboratories from simple one-camera systems through to complex usability labs. featuring screen capture, mouse and keyboard logging, automatic emotion measurement and eyetracking.

How it Works

Position your cameras so that you can view your behaviours from the angles necessary for your analysis.
Position discrete wall or ceiling microphones and/or fit participants with clip-on wireless microphones.
Recording software controls and synchronises video from multiple cameras. Mix audio so that all relevant sounds and vocalisations can be heard clearly on the same recording.
Record to high-quality HD recordings in MPEG4 format to hard-drive .
Capture screen, mouse, keyboard, eye and emotional state information automatically.
Trigger recording on a range of other devices synchronously
During recording, control cameras in recording software with a mouse-click: Zoom into important details and follow participants' movements.
Code and analyse your observation in The Observer XT.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Concealed remote-control cameras means the behaviour of the subjects is not influenced by the filming environment.Data is not biased by filming
Comprehensive Installation including all mountings and hardwired connectors.No spaghetti to wrestle with!
Advice from our experienced team of former researchers.Professional support from people who understand your objectives
Zoom in to any part of the room with a mouse-click.Never miss close-up details wherever they happen
Simple recording software.Start collecting the footage you need immediately
Range of filming options in software including individual video outputs, Picture-by-Picture & Picture-in-Picture.Combine views for easy analysis
Digital recording direct to hard drive.Your footage in the form you need it for analysis, presentation or feedback


These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
Audio optionsdiscrete wall and ceiling microphones; clip-on and wireless microphones.
Video optionspan-tilt-zoom cameras for discrete, unobtrusive filming; mobile device cameras for close up recordings on the move.
Screen captureSynchronous capture of screen image along with participant behaviour.

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