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The PhenoTyper is a video-based home cage observation system where rodent behavior is automatically monitored. Activity and movement are continuously measured and analyzed using EthoVision XT. PhenoTyper can be configured to suit the behavioral test you want to do.

How it Works

Design your experiment to include manually scored behaviours (e.g. feeding) and independent variables (e.g. animal code, strain, treatment) for automatic data selection.
Define zones of any shape so that you can automatically analyse the behaviour of an animal in relation to zones e.g. 'feeder' or 'shelter', even if the animal is hidden from view.
Activate light and sound stimuli to elicit additional behavioural responses (e.g. anxiety-related behaviour, learning behaviour). For instance, if a mouse approaches the shelter too closely, a sound stimulus can be generated.
Visualise your data. Export tracks for presentations.
Automatically analyse your data. Time and distance related parameters can be calculated for the independent variables and zones, e.g. distance moved, time spent in shelter, activity patterns, distance from wall, number of stops and activity levels.
A number of path-shape related parameters are provided to study turning rates, spatial orientation or stereotypic behaviours. The analysis of each parameter can be restricted to specific time intervals, behaviours or zones (e.g. compare patterns displayed during the day with those displayed during the night).

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Infra-red (IR) lights and an IR camera ensure reliable monitoring, regardless of ambient light conditions in the lab.Monitor animals during multiple circadian cycles.
The visible light and sound stimuli can be automatically (de)activated by when user-definable conditions are met.Elicit operant behaviours.
A white spot light can be turned on to create a light gradient inside PhenoLab.Assessment of light-dark preference.
Fine-tuning of all the integrated equipment is done with a portable control unit.Ensure constant settings when handling the PhenoTyper.
PhenoTyper consists of a configuration of plain walls, ventilation walls, walls containing a water bottle and feeder, and walls on which a shelter can be attached.The exact configuration depends on the behavioral test you want to carry out..
Various operant modules can be addedCan be used as a test chamber as well as a home cage


These are the options available for this product:

Option Purpose
EthoVision XT1 animal in mutliple PhenoTypers
PhenoTyperTo monitor frequency of drinking
PhenoTyperMonitors frequency and duration of visits to food hopper
PhenoTyperMonitors activity of your animal
PhenoTyperCan carry out operant tasks using pellet dispenser and top unit lights or sounds
PhenoTyperCan be attached to walls to enable operant testing including lights, levers, liquid dispensers etc
PhenoTyperCan be adapted to carry out optogenetic experiments based on animal location


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used PhenoTyper:

Behavioural pharmacologists
Assessing rodent's locomotor activity, exploratory behaviour, vertical behaviour, high throughput screening (up to 16 cages), circadian studies, environment enrichment and home cage testing.
Behavioural phenotyping of mutant mouse strains
Monitoring of circadian behaviour in mice

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