Small and portable, ultra-light design. Powered via USB 3. Easy to use with laptops, tablets and monitors. Produces high-quality scientific-grade data.

How it Works

The RED-n is a USB 3 powered lightweight 60Hz device for use with laptops, tablets and monitors. Features include:

  • Gaze position accuracy of 0.4 degrees
  • Large head box space (50cm x 35cm at 65cm distance) 
  • Spatial resolution of 0.05 degrees
  • 2 or 5 point calibration. Integrated Design and Analysis software
  • Operating distance 40-100cm
  • Tracking range 50 x 30cm at 60cm
  • Compatible with a range of programs including MATLAB, C/C++ & E-prime

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Small, highly portable & lightweight (75g) USB3 deviceDo research on a range of computer types; laptops, tablets and monitors
Use with Experiment SuiteConduct your whole experiment quickly and easily with Experiment Suite. Produce a range of clear, powerful visual and data ouputs.
60Hz sampling with gaze position accuracy of 0.4 degrees and spatial accuracy of 0.05 degreesProduces scientific-grade data with high spatial and temporal accuracy
Integrated design and analysis softwareConduct your whole experiment quickly and easily. Modules for EEG, Cognitive Workload, Subject Observation, External Video, External Scene. Video Data Aggregation and Advanced Visualisation.
SDK / APIUse complementary software packages such as MATLAB, E-prime and C/C++


Here are some of the many scenarios which have used RED-n:

Usability Specialists
Laptop and tablet software testing
Market Researchers
Website browsing in a variety of settings

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