RED250 Mobile

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The RED250 Mobile is ideal for demanding applied research; including reading and linguistics studies, visual perception and neurology.

How it Works

The RED250 Mobile is a lightweight USB2 device that measures saccadic directions, velocity, amplitude and antisaccadic metrics. The system also provides data on regressions, backtracks, look-aheads and leading saccades, as well as fixations and blinks.
Sample rates 60, 120 or 250Hz
Small and lightweight - 24 x 2.7 x 3cm & 175 grams
Gaze position accuracy 0.4 degrees
Spacial resolution of 0.03 degrees (human)
0,1,2,5,9 and 13 point calibration. Smart calibration.
Operating distance 50-80cm
Tracking range 32 x 21cm at 60cm
Free SDK
Compatible with MATLAB, E-prime, Python, NBS Presentation and custom applications written in C/C++ and .NET
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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
250Hz sampling with gaze position accuracy of 0.4 degrees and spatial accuracy of 0.03 degreesProduces scientific-grade data with high spatial and temporal accuracy
Use with Experiment Suite ScientificSMIs experiment design and analysis software - a comprehensive software package to design, run and produce a large range of analytic & visual outputs.
SDKUse complimentary software packages such as MATLAB, Python, E-prime and custom applications witten in C/C++
TTLEight TTL inputs allow reliable synchronisation with biometric data sources such as EEG

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